A home’s roof is one of its most important structures. When homeowners want to maintain the integrity of their house and maintain or increase its appraisal value, they are encouraged to ensure that their roof stays in good condition. By contracting with professional roofers in Menlo Park, homeowners can obtain the replacement and repair services they need for the upkeep of their roof.


Shingle Replacement
Most homes, at some point, need to have their roofs replaced. Even the sturdiest of roofing materials wear out and need to be replaced with new shingles. People can decide for themselves if or when their roofs need to be replaced by looking for signs of damage or structural compromise. For example, if a storm blew off some shingling or loosened the paper under the shingles, people should call a roofing contractor immediately to get these shingles replaced.

Repair of Roofing Structures
Likewise, if they notice that water is coming in during rainstorms, home residents should also call their roofer to have the damaged areas on the roof replaced with new materials quickly. A leaking roof can cause hundreds of dollars in damage. It can also cause the homeowner’s insurance company to cancel the owner’s policy. Roofers can repair roofing structures, such as the flashing and guttering. By having the roof replaced as needed, homeowners can maintain the value of their homes.

Emergency Services
When homeowners need an emergency roofer in Palo Alto, they may wonder if any local contractors are on call during the weekend or evening hours. Roofing emergencies call for quick action, but often happen when people are least prepared for them. A roofing emergency can occur after a storm that has removed most of the home’s shingling and tar paper. A collapsed roof also constitutes as an emergency. Since time is of the essence in getting the home’s roof repaired as quickly as possible, people want to know that they can call a local contractor for help.

Professional roofers, like Shelton Roofing, who take emergency calls are typically ready to make the needed repairs quickly and have the necessary materials on hand to restore the roof’s structural integrity. They can respond to disasters, like storm damages or roof collapses, the same day as when they get the call for help.


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