Homeowners realize that their families can save money by using DIY roofing repairs. Unfortunately, that same money saving tactic introduces potential dangers.

Why someone engaged in a DIY roofing project has put his/her safety at risk

In the absence of special equipment, the chances for a fall injury increase. No one should invite the need to deal with injuries that had been sustained, following a fall from a rooftop.

The mere fact that someone working on a roof has managed to stay in that elevated spot does not eliminate the reasons for safety concerns. That same individual could hit a tile or a shingle, and send it towards the ground. If that falling object were to hit a passer-by, the money that had been saved by using a DIY project might get used to finance the expenses of a lawsuit.

Other problems that could arise as the result of a DIY project

Any warranty on the materials in the home’s roofing could become invalid, if someone other than a roof repair professional in San Mateo had toyed with those particular materials. The invalidation of a warranty would force the homeowner to cover the costs for the replacement of any item that had failed to hold up for the expected length of time.

If someone other than expert roofers were to climb onto a home’s rooftop, he or she might aid the introduction of previously non-existing damages. By the same token, the presence on a rooftop of someone that lacked a roofer’s skills could trigger an aggravation in the severity of whatever damaging condition had to be addressed.

An insurance agency does not view a roofing project’s damaging effects in the same way that it views the effects of nature. A homeowner’s policy should cover fire or wind damage, but not harm caused by a DIY.

If a roofer were identified as the source of such harm, the homeowner could sue the roofer’s company. Of course, that same approach could not be taken, if the homeowner had contributed to introduction of such harm. Moreover, the insurance company might not look too kindly on any future claims.

What could that mean? That could mean that any future claims, in response to damages caused by a force of nature might be denied. In other words, homeowners should consider the chance that a legitimate insurance claim might not get accepted, before thinking about the money saved by avoiding the need to call a professional roofer.

How much money would be saved, and how much would be lost later? Those questions ought to enter homeowners’ minds, before any of them has chosen to rule out the logical approach, namely that of contacting a roofing professional.