Not every shingle that could get placed on a rooftop contains the same materials, or displays the same features. That fact reflects the diverse concerns and interests of the consumers.

Asphalt shingles: There are 2 kinds of these shingles.

Some of them are pure asphalt, while some of them are a composite: A mix of fiberglass and asphalt. Those come in a variety of colors. Consumers have welcomed the addition of that feature, so that the hue in the roofing can match the color of the paint that has been used on the home’s trim.

Architectural: Also known as laminated.

• More robust than the fiberglass and asphalt blend
• More expensive, but features a longer life
• Architects work on larger buildings and have more money to spend than the average homeowner.


Wooden shakes and shingles are crafted out of redwood, cedar and pine. While shingles are machine made and the wooden shakes are made by hand, with a rough texture. However, due to lack of fire resistance and chances of mold forming in the rainy season, people tend to avoid it. However, its aesthetic value and natural appearance, it is more expensive than asphalt shingles. But to make it more affordable and popular –

• Today a wooden shingle could be made resistant to insects.
• In addition, it could be treated with fire retardant chemicals.
• If used, those two adaptations should help to make the wooden roofing sections more appealing to present-day homeowners.

Tile roofing

This holds up well, following exposure to the elements. The homeowner enjoys the availability of options: Slate tiles, clay tiles and concrete tiles. An architect might choose to use gold-painted or gold-gilded tiles. Of course, gold-gilded tiles are hard to find. You might want to find tiles that suit your home and style.

Metal shingles

Roof Replacement service in San Mateo know that the new roof could be made of stainless steel, zinc, aluminum or copper. There are no shingles made of pure gold. A homeowner that had thought about putting solar panels on the rooftop would probably want to use the copper variety. That variety works best during any project that calls for the installation of a panel that can transform the sun’s energy into electrical energy.

Solar tiles

Solar tiles have a unique feature, one that is not found in any other tile. Each of those has the ability to turn the sun’s energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaic panels are connected with the existing roof tiles. All of the solar tiles become part of the current roof and replace the regular tiles. It helps you conserve the sunlight and save on utility bills.