Of all the parts of a house, the roof takes the hardest beating almost every day. Although most roofing systems are made to last for decades, some easily succumb to harsh weather conditions. This is why regular roof inspection and maintenance is crucial, and it has to be done by a pro. Here are some of the things a roofing contractor from Sunnyvale can handle when inspecting and maintaining your roof.

Water Damage and Dry Rot

Your roof is prone to water damage. Rainwater or melted snow may seep through crevices and damage the decking. If absorbed by the wood and other organic materials underneath, molds and mildew will start spreading and lead to rot. Rotting may also happen in dry conditions when there is no proper ventilation in the attic. In most cases, the longer the ice and/or water stays on the roof, the more likely either or both water damage and dry rot will take place on your roofing.

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Broken Roof Boots, Roofing Membrane, and Gutters

During summer, some vital roofing parts like the roof boots, roofing membrane, and gutters become susceptible to deformation due to heat. To prevent heat from taking its toll on your roof, apply a special paint that helps reduce the transfer of heat to the roofing material. In fact, just by coating your roof white can help reflect heat back to the atmosphere. Spraying the roof more often during hot days may also help.

Cracks and Leaks on Ridges and Shingles

The roof’s valleys or ridges put up with the same amount of the sun’s scorching heat like the rest of the parts. This are the areas where professional roofers usually see cracks that lead to gradually developing leaks. These cracks need to be sealed before the rainy season sets in.

These are only some of the simple issues a roofer can easily handle during inspection and repair. The truth is there can be more serious problems waiting to emerge from your roof, but you can have them fixed quickly and avoid replacement with the help of a professional roofer. In case leak suddenly appears from nowhere and you notice that the damage is growing fast, don’t hesitate to call in a pro for an emergency roof repair.


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