A roof’s lifetime could be shortened by the appearance of unexpected damage. How should a homeowner know if that damage can be repaired, or has introduced the need for a new roof?

What are the elements of a proper repair job?

Proper identification of the problem: That process would entail looking for missing shingles, puncture points, cracked flashing and any depression in the roof’s surface.

An attempt to learn whether or not the insurance would cover the cost of repairs to an identified problem.

The identification of a contractor with a permit; that makes it easier to get things started as quickly as possible.

Formulation of a method for protecting the property, if the repair job were to proceed

Determination of how the homeowner might be included in plans for repairs.

What elements should be added to the above list, if the homeowner were to feel inclined to schedule a replacement?

Plans should be put in place for an inspection that is focused on searching for any weakened wood. Inspect all aspects of the roofing, including the ridge caps, flashing and ridge vents. Acquaint the homeowner with the function of those same parts, so that the need for their inspection has become clearer.

What other factors should be taken into consideration?

Just how serious is any observed damage?

Is the existing roofing sagging to any degree? That could indicate that a collapse was imminent. In other words, all steps should be completed as rapidly as possible.

What plans for a replacement could become an imposition upon the residents of the affected home? Would they need to make plans for controlling a pet? Would they have to cancel some existing plans?

Would it make sense to introduce a new aspect to the roofing? For instance, should thought be given to putting solar energy panels on the roof?

What sorts of projects has the contractor handled in the past? Were any of them about repairs? Were any of them about installing a roof replacement?

Is the family’s budget ready to deal with the costs of a replacement at this time?

What has any preliminary research revealed about the probable cost for a replacement, and the desirability of contractors in the area?

How quickly should any contractor be able to produce a timeline, so that it would become easier to study the wisdom behind taking on a replacement project at this point in time?

What challenges might any crew of roofers’ face during an installation project or during an effort at completing repairs? Are there any low-hanging branches in the vicinity of the roof?

Is this a good season for scheduling a roof replacement in San Mateo? Is this a time when weather affects existing damage?