Stains, rust and dirt can mar the beauty of a roof. Their presence could also diminish the level at which the roofing has managed to function to an optimal degree. Any one of them could act to harm the roofing. Still, no 2 of them should trigger utilization of the same cleaning method.

How to clean-off dirt and debris

Use a sturdy ladder, one that has rubber feet. If you were in possession of a pair of rubber gloves, you could work on scooping up the dirt and debris with your glove-covered hands. If you wanted to try an alternate method, then you should search for or buy a plastic rake. Using that plastic tool, gently rake off the objectionable matter.

If faced with the task of removing grime, use a gardening hose. Try to use a hose during a part of the day when the sun should be able to dry the roof’s surface. In that way, your efforts to remove grime should not encourage the development of moss or mold.

The best cleaner to use on a stained roof

Look for a cleaner that contains zinc sulfite and baking soda. If you fail to find such a cleaner, then try creating one. Go to a hardware store and ask how you could get hold of some zinc sulfite. You should be able to find baking soda in the grocery store. Experiment with using different proportions, when mixing those 2 chemicals into water.

This is one time, when it could pay to be rather scientific. Record the fraction of each chemical used for each experiment. Then record, as well, how effectively the experimental solution managed to deal with the attacked stain. Roofers In San Mateo can use the system that works best for you.

Maybe you want to start with a solution where 100% of the solute is zinc sulfite. Then you could make one in which 9 parts of the solute contained the zinc sulfite, and 1 part contained baking soda. In other words, you would decrease the amount of zinc sulfite in each experimental solution, and increase the amount of baking soda.

How to approach the removal of rust?

Get hold of any type of rust remover. It does not have to be something that was designed for utilization on a rooftop. After you have removed the rust, take the time to replace any of the screws that have become corroded.

Even though each screw might contain only a tiny bit of rust, the rust’s corrosive effect has caused it to function in a less effective manner. That fact should help to underscore the importance of any effort that has been focused on the replacement of corroded screws.