The roof may be your first line of defense against the elements but it, too, is vulnerable at some point in its functional life. You should be able to tell when to call in a roofing contractor in Sunnyvale to do roof repair or replacement so that your family won’t suffer the consequence. Here are some signs you need to watch out for to make that decision on time.


It’s not unusual for your roof to be a roosting ground for some local and migratory birds, but when other animals start creeping in, that’s another story altogether. Squirrels and raccoons boring a hole on the decking and into your attic are not just an infestation issue but a roofing issue as well. The hole they’ve created along with the shingles they’ve damaged may give access to rainwater, which eventually speeds up the deterioration of the entire roofing system.

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Hail Damage

Small balls of ice may not be harmful for their size but imagine them falling from thousands of feet; they can hit your roof like speeding bullets. They can puncture and crack shingles and the underlying layers. Right after a hailstorm, assess the damage on your roof and decide whether or not you need roof replacement. If you’ve lost just a shingle or two in the process, a repair may be able to do the trick. It is, however, more efficient to have your roof replaced with a hail-resistant material.

Blown Away Shingles

While some shingles are thin enough to be blown away by wind, they do not get blown off if they are properly installed. Missing several shingles just because of a passing gale mean the roof was poorly installed. Chances are the rest of the shingles were installed the same way and you could lose everything if you don’t act quickly. An emergency roof repair service can be your best bet for immediate solution.

Sudden Leak

Damage to your roof may not be visible until water starts leaking into your home. When leak appears, look for the source right away. It could be a broken flashing, a missing shingle, or a misaligned gutter. Regardless of the source, this requires professional repair. Call a professional roofer to do the repair before the next downpour drench your attic again.

No matter the roof issue you are facing, it needs to be carefully assessed by a professional roofer. Although you may be able to figure out the cause and the extent of the damage, only a pro can determine the best solution. He can show you your options and give you an idea of how much money you will need for the repair. Most importantly, a roofer can make recommendations on keeping such issue from recurring.


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