roof repairFor people who own property, there can be nothing more important than taking care to preserve the value of the property. While some things are out of the property owners hands such as changes in a neighborhood, most properties will retain or increase in value if they are well cared for.

One of the biggest mistakes that a property owner can make is to fail to maintain and care for a property’s basic structural integrity. One of the reasons this can occur is from a simple lack of knowledge about what makes up the structure of the home and how it best needs to be cared for.

When looking at a property’s main structure, the primary areas of concern for proper maintenance are: the roof, the frame, the foundation and the mechanicals. If these areas of a property are cared for right, then the structure generally will stand the test of time quite well. Out of all of these areas of a home, caring for the roof can often be one of the most vital because the very integrity of the home’s structure is affected by the roof. That is because the roof protects the entire frame of the house from rot and exposure to the elements and it quite obviously protects the interior of the property as well from the elements.

Because of the vital role of a roof, it is important that the roof be maintained and cared for properly. A roof that has torn or worn shingles or has areas where weather can permeate, will eventually cause structural damage to the building. This can be due to roof boards starting to rot or become worn from the weather elements, or from the exposed areas allowing for infestation from either insects or animals.

When it comes to leaks, what may seem like a minor problem in a roof can readily spread to more areas. This is because roof leaks left unattended can lead not only to rotting sub roofing, but to rot within the structure of the home as well as mold. If mold sets in the cost of remediation can be extensive as mold can spread and since it is a living organism it can spread more readily than other types of wood damage. In addition, mold is well known to be a health hazard that can cause lung impairment and infections.

The best way to remedy any roof problems is to have a roof properly maintained and to have them replaced at the end of their lifespan with a good high quality replacement. The average roof lifespan in years past was 25-30 years. However, with new technology, many of the materials today can make a roof last for 40-50 years and some materials are even designed to last for hundreds of years.

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