Roof replacement in Palo Alto is more than just fixing a few new shingles and making it look like new. Having an effective roofing process that consists of advanced materials and a winning approach is the key to creating a long lasting and reliable roof.


Once you have a stable roof, your house will be waterproof for years to come. Whether installing slate, shingle, or metal roofs, the process is of great importance. Following are some aspects that roofing contractors in Palo Alto should consider in order to make the roofs solid and durable.

Make Sure the Property is Protected

First off, the roofing contractor should take care of your property by installing coverings of tarps and plywood on any nearby property that can be affected such as plants, walls, bushes, and the like.

Removing Old Roofs

Secondly, the contractor should focus on removing all the old roofing materials to inspect the wood decking inside. These materials include shingles and others.

Inspecting the Roofs

The most important duty for any contractor is to inspect the roof to see how much replacement will be required. Contractors will let you know the exact amount and cost of the replacement. The wood decking is thoroughly inspected by the roofers for any rotten, wet, or soft wood that needs to be taken out.

Remember, the wood decking provides the base of your roof, and it is highly important that it remains solid and firm. Any damage to the base will have a domino effect on the overall integrity of your new roof.

Preparing the Surface of the Roof

The next process contractors usually do is to install drip edge on the edges of the roof. To make it clearer, drip edge is metal blend that is applied to ensure rain and moisture does not get under the roof.

Installing Water and Ice Shield

Another important step is to install a shield for ice and water. This underlayment ensures that ice and water do not get to the wood decking. Installing this prevents water damage that can lead to cracks and further weakening of the structure.

Once the above steps are completed, the contractor will then move towards installing shingles or other materials to prepare your new roof. Most professional roofers will follow these or similar steps to make sure your new roof is waterproof and can sustain extreme climatic conditions.

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