Did you know that the need for roofing renovations has been at an all-time high? According to the latest statistics, they have increased immensely over the last few years. If you have a warehouse, you will definitely need a roof for it. Yet, many people do not know what roofing materials to buy. This article will help because it serves as a guide for choosing the right membranes for roofing of a warehouse.

Why do you need to care about warehouse roofing membranes anyway?

Roofing is an important, yet often overlooked, a component in terms of maintaining the integrity of any warehouse. Yet if you invest in your roof, it will deliver you a 70% return on investment over its lifetime. You can easily understand how your warehouse’s property value will skyrocket. Additionally, you run the risk of a damaged building and inventory if you choose the wrong roofing materials. These can be costly and even put you out of business.

You need a roof coating for your building because it will safeguard your roof against environmental damage and damage from the elements. Roof coatings are also known as roofing membranes and are valued because they add to the roof’s surface and extend its life. Other reasons why you need roof membranes are listed below:

● They can keep your warehouse colder by lowering its roof’s temperature. This will extend the shelf life of your inventory and other stored items.
● They are environmentally friendly
● They make the interiors of warehouses more comfortable to be in
● They reduce wear and tear of the roof

You need to do the following when choosing the roof’s coating materials:

● Know its slope – the roofing membrane you will need to buy depends almost entirely on your roof’s slope. If you have a flat or low-slope roof, you want to buy single-ply membranes. These are durable because they are man-made. Good options for single-ply membranes include Modified Bitumen, Thermoplastic Polyolefin, and Thermosets.

● Use a long-lasting coating – you need a coating material that will last because it will protect your roof and help it last longer. You want to choose materials crafted from long lasting elastomeric membranes because they are durable. A good example of this type of membrane is acrylic roofing because it is weather-resistant, Waterproof, and good at sealing up seams.

Keep a fixed budget – since you have to be able to afford the roofing materials, it is important to consider upfront costs. Remember that different materials have different prices. For example, acetoxy-cure is generally less expensive than oxime-cure even though both are silicon roofing membranes. All roofing materials have their benefits and drawbacks. For example, acetoxy-cure is UV ray resistant but tends to corrode easier. Because oxime-cure is weather-resistant, it can save you hundreds of thousands in long-term roof repair expenses.

● Coating efficiency matters – because roofing membranes are energy efficient, they can help safeguard the environment and lower your total energy bills. Reflective roof coatings reflect sunlight and this keeps the roofs much cooler especially during the hot summer days. They are good at insulating the insides of buildings and keeping them cool. Roof coating materials can lower your roof’s temperatures by 50% and are a good idea to consider

Warehouse roofing in a nutshell

This guide clearly demonstrates that roofing materials and membranes are crucial in extending your roof’s life expectancy. Also, while the information in this article is a good beginning guide, you will need to consult with a Roofing Contractor in San Mateo to find the ideal materials for your roof.