Signs of aging are a sure indication that a roof needs to be replaced. Still, there are other changes that indicate the roof’s inability to serve as a dependable source of protection for a great deal longer.

Damage to an essential element of the roofing

Roof repair in San Mateo is needed when there is damage to any shingle. Even a change in the shingle’s shape would qualify as damage. That is why homeowners should try to limit the number of times that their footsteps fall on the rooftop’s surface.

Visible water spots

Those cause a discoloration or staining of the area where the water has fallen. Sometimes, such spots appear on the ceiling. At other times they form on the home’s exterior walls.

Missing granules on any shingle

The disappearance of any granule would suggest that the shingle’s surface has suffered a diminished capability. In other words, it now lacks the ability to keep moisture from seeping into some section of your home.

Sometimes it is hard to note the absence of a granule in a tiny spot. There is one examination that can work to correct for that difficulty.

Evidence of granules in the gutters

Smart homeowners take the time to examine the contents of the gutters, when cleaning that gutter system. Those that do not want to undertake that added effort should hire a professional roofer. Roofers appreciate the significance of the gutters’ contents.

As rainwater washes over a granule-filled surface, it could loosen the shiny objects on that same surface. Eventually, the loosened objects could get washed into the gutter system. Over time, any one of them might show up in what has come out of the downspout.

High utility bills

Roofing should help to hold in heat during the winter, and work to keep the home cool during the summer months. Yet the effects of aging could cause it to carry out that function at a diminished level. If those effects or other signs were to go unnoticed, then the one that could affect the homeowner’s bank account certainly would be noted.

That would be an increase in the size of the utility bills. The fuel bill would be higher in the winter, and the electricity bill could be higher in the summer. Those would be indications that the roof was not doing its job, and should, therefore, be replaced.

How to limit the cost of a replacement

Delaying the call to a roofing contractor does not help to limit that cost. Smart homeowners make a point of mitigating the effects of any roof-related problem. That reduces the amount of time and effort that must be part of any investment in a project that is meant to replace an old roof with a new one.