One of the most important structural components of a home is its roof. Roofs are designed to protect everyone and everything inside a home from rain, snow, sun, and wind. Thus, when a roof develops a leak, there are several reasons why this happens which we have listed here:

• It has an incorrect slope – if you’ve noticed roof leaks since building or moving into your home, you should consider having a home inspection performed. It’s possible that the slope of your roof is incorrect and not shaped properly. If there isn’t enough pitch but too much slope, then leaks could develop in a heavy downpour depending on the type of shingles that were installed.

• It has outlived its lifespan – depending on the type of materials that were used when it was installed, the average roof’s lifespan ranges from 10 to 30 years. Once it reaches the point where age becomes a factor, there’s a better than average chance that it is going to develop leaks. If you have an older roof and have seen evidence of leaking, it’s probably time to consider replacing it.

• It was installed improperly – having your roof installed by the right company ensures that there won’t be problems in the future. Not only do they need to be experienced and reputable, you should only consider hiring a company that is fully bonded, insured, and licensed. Therefore, it’s important that you research several companies beforehand. Furthermore, discuss this issue with other family members and friends to get their input on the matter.

• Lack of ventilation is another factor – if your home has no room for ventilation, moisture can accumulate and result in leaking. This typically occurs above bathrooms and kitchens where moisture can easily accumulate and get trapped.

• Your chimney is cracked – one of the most common reasons that roofs start leaking is a cracked chimney. If the mortared area or mud cap gets cracked due to years of wear and tear, then leaks will often develop. Look for holes and cracks in the mortared area first. In order to avoid this from happening, regular preventative maintenance and repair is recommended.

If you’ve recently noticed that your roof is leaking, roofing experts in San Mateo suggest you schedule a home inspection immediately. The crew will ensure that everything is evaluated and checked when the roof is repaired. That is why it is important that you work with the best roofing company.

Regardless of how minor or severe these issues are, you need to address them immediately. At Shelton Roofing, we are always available to help homeowners with their roofing needs. Call us today at (916) 635-8320 to learn more.