Two underlying issues work to increase the likelihood that any one roof could start leaking. The first of those concerns the materials used in the roofing system. All such materials have a limited lifespan. However, some materials last longer than others. The second issue touches on an influence over which the homeowner has little control. That is the weather. Exposure to harsh weather conditions increases the chance for development of a condition that tends to invite leaks. And that will call for Roof Repair in Menlo Park.

Conditions that invite leaks

A rooftop with broken or cracked shingles: A roof top with displaced shingles. Evidence of such displacement can be found in the appearance of colored patches. Sometimes a shingle or two even makes its way onto the lawn that surrounds the roof-covered residence.

Valleys that were not sealed properly: A valley is the name given to any place on the roof’s surface where 2 planes come together. If not sealed correctly, the region where the two planes join can become the source of a leak. A homeowner can detect evidence of such a problem by watching for wet spots along the roof’s seams.

Broken roof vents can encourage development of leaking: Fortunately, those can be detected before extensive damage has taken place. Still, such detection demands an effort to watch for dark spots in the region where a leak’s formation could be part of an ongoing process.

Clogged gutters: These result largely from seasonal changes, which cause items such as leaves to fall onto the rooftop. Naturally, harsh weather, especially high winds can blow more leaves and twigs onto that same roofing system. That leads to the pooling of water in places where the pooled liquid cannot flow through the gutter.

A faulty skylight: It could have one of two different kinds of faults. It could be that it was not installed correctly. Alternatively, it could be that decay can be seen in the insulation on the skylight’s edges.

A faulty chimney: Ideally, a family’s desire to enjoy a fire will allow for early detection of such a condition. Otherwise, a fault could go undetected for quite some time, although no realtor would admit to that fact.

Old roofing: Material that is worn out and decaying inside can lead to leaks with considerable ease. Thus, if you have an old roof, get it checked frequently because an undetected crack can lead to a leak that can not only damage the attic and the walls, but lead to mold infestation.

It is best to talk with a roofing expert and enumerate the issues or let them check for leaks.