Some homeowners have already heard a good deal about the possible problems facing the owner of a home with a shingle roof. For instance, some of them might have heard this myth: Wood shingles do not last as long as those found on an asphalt roof. Such roofing could develop rot or encourage mold growth. It might experience water damage or simple breakage.

One way that fact proves the myth wrong

Statistics show that wood material can demonstrate a decided level of resiliency. When used in a shingle, that wooden material can last for up to 30 years. Another of the myths being spread about wood shingle concerns maintenance issues. Some myth-spreaders insist that a roof demands lots of attention, if it has been constructed from wood.

How a second myth has been proven wrong

The homeowner that intends to do a good job of maintaining a roof with wooden shingles needs to carry out just a few simple steps. The first of those entails sweeping off the roof’s dirt and moss. When that sweeping fails to remove all of the objectionable substances, then a pressure washer should be used. Finally, each shingle should be sealed with a protective coating every 3 to 5 years by Roofers in Menlo Park.
If you have lived in a temperate climate, where the temperatures drop quite a bit in the winter and rise in the summer, then a task that needs to be done only once every 3 years does not seem like a terrible burden. In such locations, homeowners need to remove storm windows in the spring and install screens. Then in the fall those same homeowners must remove the screens and install storm windows.
The first two myths focus on the practical issues that might concern a homeowner. The third one seeks to make the homeowner feel guilty about choosing wooden shingles over all of the other options on the market. Those men and women that spread the third of the three myths insist that a wooden roof cannot be called “green-friendly.” In this case, that means that its use does not seem to match with efforts being made to support sustainability.

A final comparison of the facts and the myth

Advocates of sustainability encourage attempts at minimizing the extent to which natural resources get used by men. Each wooden shingle is small and thin. Each of them has been created from a small amount of wood. In fact, some of them have been crafted from fallen or dead timber. Utilization of fallen or dead timber highlights an awareness of the value in preserving the earth’s resources.