Re-RoofingYou may not have considered it yet, but sooner or later, you will more than likely need to hire a re-roofing service. Re-roofing does not necessarily involve changing the your roof design unless you want to, but repair and replacement of old, broken, and faulty roof parts is usually very common. You can do the work on your own, but there are advantages when you hire a professional re-roofing service. Before actually hiring a roof contractor, it pays to double check to ensure if it is actually roof replacement you need and not just minor repairs. Doing so helps prevent you from unnecessary spending on repairs that are not actually needed.

According to the California Contractors State License Board, properly-installed roofing can take 20 years before it needs replacement. If your house or office was built over 15 to 20 years ago, there is a good chance that you may need major repairs done. If you are unsure, you may consider doing a visual inspection yourself.

When deciding if you need the services of a roofing company, you can check the condition of the roof by starting with a visit to the attic. Pay attention to dark spots and areas of the roof where outside light is able to pass through. You should also check for signs of leaking.

The next step is to the exterior. You should take note of missing shingles, curling, rotting, and damaged flashing. Check the areas around the chimney and scan for wear and loose materials. You should also watch out for algae growth especially if you live in regions that has a humid climate. If your roof is made of wood, check for damages caused by termites.

The type of roofing material that is used is also worth considering. Concrete is the most durable of all materials. According most roofing contractors, concrete does not require replacement. Other materials like cedar can last for up to 20 years while tiles usually do not need replacement unless they are broken.

After the inspection, you can now decide which roofing service you need – major or partial re-roofing. If you cannot decide for yourself, then a roofing company can help you. Call Shelton Roofing or visit their website for a quote, roofing advice, or a list of products and services.

Shelton Roofing is a certified roofing contractor serving homes, offices, and other types of properties within the San Francisco Bay area. This company also offers roof repair and replacement services in neighboring areas. The company has over 70 years of experience in the roofing business. It consistently provides exceptional service with a highly-dedicated team of more than 30 employees that use only quality equipment and tools.

Shelton Roofing also supports the environment and offers eco-friendly roofing to homes, offices, hospitals, and other establishments in Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, and other nearby locations. Since the company is confident in their quality of service, they offer up to a 10-year guarantee based on the materials and type roofing service used.

To know more about the company and the services they offer or to get a free quote, feel free to visit their website or you can give them a call.