The fact is that the home’s roof is not designed to last till eternity and often during the course of your lifetime, you will need to call in the roofing service. However, there is a chance that you don’t know when to call in the roofing service, so we have brought you a quick guide on the signs that calls for a professional to do a complete check on your roof.

Oftentimes, the most common signs are discoloured walls and shingles that are missing in place son the roof. This is often a sign that you need to get the roof replaced but there are many signs that are not so visible, but require calling in a roofing expert.

End of roof expectancy

Most of the roofs have a life span of 15 years and in most cases, the condition of the roof deteriorates by the 13th or 14th year. That is the time to call in the roofing company and get the roof checked for damage. Thus, do not wait for the roof to fall in before you call in for replacement or Roof Repair in Menlo Park.

Enhancement in utility costs

If you check your energy bills, have they increased over a period of time? If you are wondering ho it happened, maybe the culprit is your roof. In case you are contemplating replacing the roof, make sure that you utilize materials that are good at reflecting UV rays so that your energy bills can be scaled down. Damaged roofs lead to leakage of air conditioning or heating as the insulation weakens. That is why call in the professionals and let them handle it.

Bubbles or blisters on the roof

Usually there maybe presence of blisters or bubbles which signify that there is moisture which is trapped within the membrane of the roofing. As temperature increases, the size of the blisters increase as the moisture tends to expand. This is one of the subtle signs that the roof needs immediate attention before there is considerable damage. The professionals might do some initial repairs but if the size of the bubbles increase or there are more than before, consider roof replacement.

Water marks and moss

If the roof is sagging, you might not be surprised to find dried water marks as the water will stop draining properly and form puddles. However, don’t try to climb on the roof and check but hire the services of roofing companies as they have the right gear and safety ladders to ensure that they can check for tell-tale signs of moisture and water. When the roof is dry, look for signs of moss, green rings, water puddles and mold.

Now that you are aware of the signs that calls for a professional check, you must look up the best California roofing company.