Everyone wants a roof over their head, and preferably one that keeps out the rain and keeps in the toasty warmth during the cold winter months. But even if yours is reliable and intact right now, there will come a time where it needs repair or even replacement. So how do you know when that time has come?

Let’s start with material. There are numerous types of roofing, all of which come with different life expectancies. For ease of reading, here is a rough guide:

Slate & Tile Roofs: at least 50 years
Asphalt Shingle or Composition Roofs: 20 years or over
Wood Shingle Roofs: 15 to 25 years (quality depended)
Warning: all of these estimates do not account for extreme weather conditions which may shorten the lifespan such as hail, heavy snow fall, storms.

The outer material is not the only thing of importance, when it comes to maintaining a dry and intact roof structure. Under the tiling or shingles, you will find the vapor barrier. Normally, this part shouldn’t be in direct contact with the elements but the holes from roofing nails can allow rain to trickle in, and sometimes ice and wind manage to squeeze in and wreak some havoc. Beyond all materials and layers, there is also the design to think of such as:

• Steep Slope Roof: best resistance to moisture and wind
• Gable Roofs: less successful than the steep slope, but still acceptable
• Flat Roofs: hard to repair, difficult to insure, not recommended for areas with humid climate

In case of damage, acting fast is of the essence. The more time passes, the more damage will spread until your only option will be to replace the entire roof – a costly affair. In specific cases, it may be an option to top of your pre-existing roof with another layer of shingles but given the added weight, it is rarely recommended. To avoid the trouble, you should rather seek a Roof Replacement professional in Menlo Park to inspect your roof on the regular and check in with your insurance company to see their stance on damage caused by leaks. But regardless, if, and when, the time comes to repair and maintain your roof, call in the best roofing experts in the city.

It is important to ensure that the roofing expert is licensed, bonded and insured. You need to make sure that the roofing company has the experience and skill to work on a variety of roofs. You can look at the sample roofs that they have repaired or replaced in the past and ask for every detail on the potential roof that you want.