The climate across California varies from county to county, but if there’s one thing people can agree on, it’s that it’s mostly hot. The weather in the state is generally warm, with some experiencing Mediterranean, hot desert, semi-arid, and even continental climates. Menlo Park and Palo Alto, being so close to San Francisco, share the warm Mediterranean climate characterized by dry summers that can reach up to 79 ºF. In such warm weather, the roofing material you choose for your Palo Alto or Menlo Park, CA home matters.


Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are very durable against the heat and the other elements. It also helps reduce the heat absorbed due to its natural reflective properties. If you want to maximize its heat reflection, you should pick light colors or earth tones like grey, moss green, or a light brick red. Some other benefit of slate tiles include simple yet elegant design, widespread availability, and its ability to age well over time.

Clay Tiles

Clay tile is another popular choice for roofing in Palo Alto, CA homes and some states with desert climates. It’s certainly a better alternative to rubber or metal which can just make the house’s interior as hot as the outside. Clay is a very sturdy and long-lasting material as evidenced by many ancient structures that still stand today. Its natural light color, shape and composition can effectively keep houses cool by preventing heat capture. Clay tiles are also naturally wind and earthquake-resistant.

Concrete Tile

Concrete tiles may not be as popular as slate and clay but they do exceptionally well in hot temperatures. These tiles are made of lightweight ceramic and a combination of fibers and cement. They are durable and have an impressive ability to reflect as much as 77 percent of the sun’s rays. Concrete tiles are available in many cool colors but the bright white variant is most effective against the heat. Don’t worry about the discoloration of the white color, too, because it’s nothing a good power-washing can’t fix.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles, particularly the cedar ones, are natural insulators and UV-resistant. It allows the house to breathe during warm days and helps keep you warm during winters, giving you significant energy savings. They are also eco-friendly and can add curb appeal to your home.

The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the blistering heat. If you need guidance with your choice or installation, seek professional help from companies like Shelton Roofing.


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