Ideally, rain water runs off of a roof. If it were allowed to collect on that structure, it could cause real water damage. That simple fact highlights the danger posed by a clogged gutter. Understand that a clogged gutter can aid creation of more than one problem. Yes, it can aid development of harmful leaks. Still, it can also turn a gutter into a home for rodents, pests or mold.

The standard solution

Roofing Contractor in San Mateo advises homeowners to clean the home’s gutter in the spring and in the fall. Do not overlook the spout, It, too, can become clogged. A clogged spout could cause a gutter’s contents to overflow.

An evaluation of some newer solutions

The first device that was sold to homeowners as a way to avoid the gutter-cleaning chore was called a leaf guard. It was meant to replace the standard structure/gutter. A leaf guard has a curved top and a long slot on the side. It can keep leaves from entering a home’s gutters, but it slows the flow of water.

When the water does not flow freely, it can collect on the roof. Small puddles of water on a rooftop can do real damage. In other words, a leaf guard has not functioned as a truly reliable replacement for the original water-catching device.

As homeowners complained about the leaf guard’s poor performance, some person with an inventive mind came up with a product called a leaf filter. While that filter looked a good deal like a leaf guard, it had some unique features. The solid top had disappeared, replaced with a long screen.

Homeowners liked the leaf filter’s low profile design. It did not mar the home’s design in any way. Homeowners also praised the leaf filter’s ability to take the place of any series of gutters. Their praise reflected their awareness of another great feature, as well.

The company that made the leaf filters had chosen to use high-quality materials. Consequently, each filter came with a warranty. Because a homeowner relies on the features associated with a home’s roof, any product that works to preserve those features catches the homeowner’s attention. A long-lasting product can attract and hold an even larger amount of consumers’ attention.

Two chores eliminated by both the guard and the filter

Both of those devices put an end to the need for a cleaning of the gutters twice a year. By the same token, the two of them have eliminated the need for a cleaning of the gutter’s spout. In addition, those two devices have forced a number of rodents and pests to seek out a new home. In other words, a home seller has good reason to showcase a home’s leaf guard or leaf filter.