It makes sense to get a commercial roof checked every year. Most of the commercial roofs are designed to last long, say about twenty to thirty years. However, the decision to replace the roof will be taken based on the amount of wear and tear that occurs due to external factors. Although repairing a roof is the common option but oftentimes, an old roof needs to be replaced to ensure strength and stability.

Reasons for opting for replacement of roof

There are many companies and Roofing Contractor in San Mateo that can help diagnose the roofing status and condition before recommending the needed procedure. However, the factors that will influence the decision to opt for a replacement are mentioned below:


If there are leaks, it can hamper the structural integrity of the roof. In case, the leak is at the flashing, it is easy to mend but if there are too many issues with the roof, it might not be a wise decision to opt for regular repairs. That is why homeowners need to consider regular checks for the roof and any minor repair needs to be done immediately to protect the strength of the roofing.

Roof renovations

If poor quality material has been used or the roof has been installed improperly, chances are high that the roof might need to be completely ripped off and replaced. This is the chance for the homeowner to get a roof renovation using better materials and enhanced workmanship. But if there are patches that have a few problems, it is best to get the whole roof replaced. If there are some areas, re-skinning the roof is important especially, those places where the chance of leakage is high.

Key Considerations Before Roof Replacement

You need to check the level of decay of the roof especially after a rainstorm. If there is a lot of signs of watermarks, it is important to find a source of the leak. If your roof is 25% damaged, it makes more sense to get the whole roof replaced. One-time payment and investment are a small price to pay for enhancing the structural integrity of the building.

If you have hired a roofing contractor, they will ensure that regular inspections are done to make sure that the roof is always in a good condition. In most cases, any roof issues that are detected early have quick and inexpensive solutions. For structural integrity of the roof, attachment points and flashing are crucial.

It is important to get your roof inspected every 3 months, as any crack or crumbling of roof joints are a sign for immediate repair. All puncture, leaks and cracks need to be repaired quickly so that it does not snowball into a bigger incident.