Once roofing gets damaged in some way, it should be repaired as soon as possible, so that further damage can be prevented. Of course, sometimes a homeowner lacks the ability to identify the site that has to be fixed. Still, homeowners can look for clues, which indicate that something is wrong.
Observation of such clues acts like a warning. It should warn the person that discovered that one particular clue of the wisdom behind contacting a roof inspection service. The men and women employed by such a service know how to find those rooftop sites that would benefit from a repair job. So, how can any damages hint at the need for a roofing contractors in Palo Alto CA?
Hints that can be found in the attic
Any attic could hide two hints, and the homeowner needs two pieces of equipment, in order to find them. The homeowner should don a pair of boots and grab a flashlight. Properly equipped, that boot-wearing adult should climb into the attic.
While the hint-hunter’s eyes adjust to the dark, those same eyes should look for any places where a beam of sunlight has entered the attic’s dark space. An undamaged rooftop would not allow any daylight into what should be a totally dark area of a home.
After the pupils on the hint-hunter’s eyes have opened fully, that same adult should turn on the flashlight. The flashlight’s beam may aid discovery of tell-tale markings. Such markings would include any dark streaks or any stains.

Clues that can be found on the rooftop’s surface

Such clues cannot be found by examining an attic’s sides. Instead the clue-hunter must climb a ladder, in order to view the part of the roof’s surface that is exposed to the environment. That view ought to reveal what has happened, as a result of that surface’s exposure to the natural environment.
Does any tile have a crack? Has any tile been chipped? Are any shingles missing? Those questions should run through the mind of the person that realizes the significance of any clue.
Yet the absence of any damage of that nature should not be used as an excuse for climbing back down the ladder. Instead the surface should be re-examined, with an eye towards checking for certain types of growth. Are there any signs of moss or algae?
After that cursory inspection, the homeowner’s rooftop-related duties have not ended. The next two duties entail using the mind. What is known about the roof’s age? If it is more than 15 years old, a professional inspector should be contacted.
What has the weather been like in the past year? Were there any hailstorms? The answers to those questions can disclose the wisdom behind contacting a professional inspector.