The KOMO News website has a short feature on the problem of leaky roofs and how homeowners should respond to it. As roofs serve as shields for homes, it is important for owners to properly maintain their roofing to enjoy continued protection from the elements. The article helps readers understand that, should a leak appear, there is no real need to have the entire roof replaced:


Just because you have a leak doesn’t mean you need a new roof.

“You need to find a good contractor to come out and inspect that roof,” [Cheryl Reed of Angie’s List] said. “Ask for a repair. Don’t just assume you need a replacement.”

Reed reminds us that roof work can be done during the rainy months. If you have a problem, there’s no need to wait until summer.

“You might even get a great deal and even faster service if you call during the off season, if you will, because roofers are out there,” she noted. “They still need to work and if they can possibly get to you and do the job right, they will.”

Remember, if you don’t fix a small problem, it will become a bigger and more expensive one.

Homeowners will need to accurately assess the condition of their roofs first before determining the extent of the repairs needed. However, water damage can stay hidden from plain sight, so they will also need an expert to properly determine the state of a roof. Fortunately, a professional roofer from Palo Alto won’t just offer to assess roof damage. He will also repair any faults he spots.

Naturally, repair work is enough to patch up leaks. However, should damage prove to be extensive, a full replacement might be in order. As the KOMO News article states, replacing a roof costs significantly more than a simple repair, so homeowners will want to deal with smaller damage early before these completely ruin the roof and the ceiling beneath it. It goes without saying that occasional maintenance can prevent serious damage and prolong the life of a roof.

To accomplish all this, homeowners can hire capable roofers in Menlo Park and Palo Alto, such as those from Shelton Roofing, to thoroughly inspect roofing and repair or replace any damaged parts. Roofers are trained to detect even the smallest of flaws, and will do their best to maintain a structure’s durability. Preemptive repairs done by roofers can save homeowners a lot of money and prevent disastrous and costly damage in the future.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Leaky roof? Maybe a repair will do, KOMO News, November 25, 2013)