Most people know that a professional roof inspection is the way to go once you have noticed a leak or another serious issue, though many do not think to see such an inspection as a preventative measure as well.Generally, roofing contractors recommend two roofing inspections a year, once in spring and again in fall. This is because many types of roofing issues aren’t immediately noticeable, but can still lead to devastating damage further down the line if left unnoticed, and thus unrepaired.

What A Professional Roofing Inspector Will Look For

During the surface evaluation, the inspector will assess the exterior condition of your roof. This includes the state of your shingles, such as cracks and other damage, as well as missing shingles. Then, once the problem has been determined, the inspector will recommend how best to fix it.
The most important part of the inspection will be the sub-surface checkup which ensures the structural integrity of your roof still holds up. Unlike the surface inspection, it takes a trained eye to notice the signs of deeper lying issues. And unfortunately, it is those issues that have the most disastrous consequences for homeowners.Your ventilation, moisture levels, and insulation will also receive a thorough inspection, since problems with any of these can lead to horrible damage to the entirety of your roof. If issues are detected throughout this process, the roofing contractor will recommend solutions to them. The sooner these problems are detected, the cheaper the solution will be.
And finally, your professional roofing inspector will give their expert advice on any issues, or potential future issues, which they detect throughout the inspection process. They will be transparent in the presentation of any problems, recommend the best solutions, and offer consultation in regards to any questions or concerns you may be having about the future of your roofing. Additionally, they will also estimate the cost of any repairs or replacements.

Don’t Do It Yourself

While you may be tempted to take matters into your own hands and save yourself the money, a roof inspection can be dangerous if done wrong. Without the proper safety equipment and experience, an inspection can quickly end with a trip to the ER. A fall from the roof can leave you with anything, from a broken leg, to long term paralysis. This is why safety and experience of Roofing Contractor in Menlo Park are the key.Please leave your roofing inspections to the professional, because they are experts in this field. It is important to understand that trying to do it all on your own, isn’t possible as roofing is complex.