In the wake of Global Warming and Climate Change Consciousness Week, as well as the devastating Typhoon Haiyan, word is spreading that it’s about time for homeowners across the world to rethink their roofing systems to make these more environment-friendly. The insights given seem plausible and applicable to California neighborhoods. As Johnson Ongking of Business World Online points out:

The California Energy Commission did a study that estimated that a 93 m2 roof could offset 10 tons of CO2 emissions over 20 years. Another study showed that lightening the roads and rooftops with reflective surfaces, in combination with tree planting, could cool Los Angeles by 2-3°C — which would decrease smog as effectively as a total ban on cars and trucks. A 2012 study by Concordia University estimated that painting roofs white and using light-colored materials to surface roads and pavements would offset the amount of CO2 generated by all the cars in the world for 50 years!
Unfortunately, not all roofing companies in California can claim to be “doing their part” to preserve the environment. Only a handful of roofers, like Shelton Roofing, a reputable Menlo Park roofing contractor that also serves Sunnyvale and Palo Alto, keep in touch with the latest news and technologies for green roofing, which they offer their clients in tandem with general roofing services. Green roofing refers to a system that is designed to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible, even as it protects the household like an ordinary roof.

If that definition seems broad, it is because a green roofing system can be constructed in a variety of ways. The Environmental Protection Agency supports the idea of planting trees, shrubs, and the like on top of commercial rooftops so that these can absorb excess sunlight and produce healthy amounts of oxygen at the same time. Others say that a green roof should be built from wood shakes and shingles because these materials are derived from sustainable materials and reduce pollution. Meanwhile, companies like Shelton Roofing achieve the same goal simply by recycling the waste they leave behind in any job for residential roofing in Menlo Park, CA and other places. They also make it a point to use environment-friendly materials.

All of this serves as a reminder that everyone can play a role in saving the planet. Your first step might be to look at your roof.

(Article Excerpt and Image fromTime to ‘rooflect’ on climate change, Business World Online, November 25, 2013)