Making sure that your roof does not leak is an important part of keeping your home in good condition. A single leak can lead to more water damage than a mere drip on the floor; for one, it can rot the wood that supports your roof and encourage the growth of mold. This is just one reason why a good roof needs to be maintained from top to bottom. rehabbing roofs can be a profitable business The recent storms that have plagued the California area, including Palo Alto, have proven that many roofs will need a good once over and at least some minor repairs to avoid any future problems. The importance of knowing what Palo Alto roofing requires to in order to withstand extreme weather is emphasized by a recent article in Realty Biz News:

“From hurricane winds to ice damns (sic), different parts of the country experience different roofing damage. The roof is the house’s first line of defense against the weather and is likely to be both the first to be damaged and the most expensive to repair. Roofs are designed to withstand the weather of the local geography. A roof designed for one part of the country but installed in another will have a much shorter life span or even fail from the first bad weather event.”

California, unlike many parts of the country, does not suffer from snowstorms that often hit other states. However, it does suffer from very wet winter weather, as evidenced by the recent storms that led to flooding. This is why California roofs are built to be more waterproof than those in other states. Another major requirement for California roofs is good fire-proofing, mostly because of the increased chance of fires in this warm state. There is also the need for “cool roofing” which helps to make sure that houses aren’t as hot as ovens when summer comes. A homeowner looking for a good roofing company in Palo Alto has several good options in the form of Shelton Roofing and other companies that have serviced the area for years. These companies focus on good roof maintenance and they can be depended on to ensure that a roof is always in good condition, whether it is new or newly-repaired. (Source: Rehabbing Roofs Can Be a Profitable Business, Realty Biz News, February 24, 2014)