leaking-roofWhether you suffer from a leaky roof or you are just looking to add aesthetic appeal to your home, Shelton Roofing Company pride ourselves on providing premier services and the best looking roofs around. Not only will you have an attractive roof, but you’ll also have the serenity of knowing your roof is durable enough to stand the test of time.

A leaking roof, missing shingles and missing tiles are generally a sign of structural damage. If ignored, over time, these issues could lead to bigger problems and costly repairs. Shelton provides cost saving roof repair for your home or business for complete protection from the weather’s elements. We use high quality materials along with tried and tested techniques, so you are less likely to have the same issues again.

Your roof is your first line of defense against outside elements, however, as time goes by, it can become weakened as a result of several factors. Sheldon’s re roofing contractors are highly skilled and experienced in a variety residential and commercial re roofing repairs to address your particular problem. Contractors consult with you regarding your personal goals, requirements and achievements so your home or work schedule goes uninterrupted.

During most home renovations, a roof replacement is usually a high priority. A new roof is eye catching and should be trusted to only the best. Shelton roof replacement specialists have over 70 years experience in roof replacement projects in Palo, Alto CA and surrounding areas. We have a comprehensive list of roof elements to choose from including wood shingles, tile, gravel, shakes, modified bitumen tar and synthetic composition. We employ high quality materials coupled with high roofing technology to ensure your home or business stands out from the crowd. Eco friendly options are also available.

Now that you have a beautiful, sturdy roof over your head, protect your investment with Shelton’s roof flashing. Roof flashing weather proofs your roof for extra protection against outside elements. Similar to the roof, gutters also require repair and maintenance. A well maintained gutter deflects water to prevent water induced leaks and pooling.

No matter how well structured your roof, mother nature can sometimes take her toll, causing damage to your roof. Shelton Roofing provides 24 hour emergency service to address emergency leaks and other scenarios. A roofer will respond to your call and promptly show up to ensure your damage stays at a minimum.

Shelton roofing company is a small, family owned business that is committed to providing customized roof repairs. We provide Diamond Certified Services for your home, business office building or apartment and are a proud member of a number of contractor associations in California. We use only the finest of materials, sourced from the most established manufacturers in the industry, for quality you can trust. Our roofing contractors are highly experienced and specialize in re roofing, roof repair, roof replacement and emergency roof repair. Shelton Roofing services the Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Sunnyvale, California areas.

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