In Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall Be Prepared With Shelton Roofing

On the San Francisco Peninsula, the rainy season can start as early as October and continue into May. Even with some variation, one thing is sure; it will rain. Other than rain coats, umbrellas, and galoshes, you will also want your roof in good repair, both home and commercial. If you notice missing or loose […] Read more »

Home Ownership 101: Get your Roof Repaired Today to Prevent Roof Replacement Tomorrow

If you own a home or business, you are probably worried about things that can go wrong inside the house or building such as electrical, plumbing, flooring etc.. You are likely not concerned about what is going on with the top of the building, the roof. Most people do not worry about the roof because […] Read more »

Add Comfort and Appeal to Your Home or Business With Roof Repairs From Shelton Roofing

Whether you suffer from a leaky roof or you are just looking to add aesthetic appeal to your home, Shelton Roofing Company pride ourselves on providing premier services and the best looking roofs around. Not only will you have an attractive roof, but you’ll also have the serenity of knowing your roof is durable enough […] Read more »

Roof Repair and Replacement Solutions

  Roof repair and replacement are important maintenance requirements for any residential or commercial property. Home and business owners can choose from a variety of roofer styles that include composition, tar and gravel, modified bitumen, tile, wood and shake singles and synthetic re roofing materials. We deliver exceptional customer service for roof replacement options or […] Read more »

Rescue your roof with roof repair services

If you suspect roof damage after a major, or minor, storm, your first inclination is to call your homeowners insurance. But what happens if the insurance adjuster sent to inspect your roof claims there is nothing wrong? Ask for a second opinion The potential problems even subtle damage to your roof can cause is worth […] Read more »