roof repairIf you own a home or business, you are probably worried about things that can go wrong inside the house or building such as electrical, plumbing, flooring etc.. You are likely not concerned about what is going on with the top of the building, the roof. Most people do not worry about the roof because it is not readily visible like the siding or the interior but this can pose a serious threat. Roof replacements can be very costly and time consuming, therefore, when you find a local roofing company to fix small leaks and missing shingles before they become a bigger issue, you are saving yourself immensely.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs can range from a simple shingle replacement to repairing an entire area that is leaking. The roofing contractor will help you to determine the extent of the damage and what should be done to correct the problem. So when should you call your roofer? Periodically, take a walk throughout your home and inspect your ceiling. If there are any dark spots or possible water spots, contact your roofer immediately. These are often the cause of small leaks that, if not repaired, will turn into roofing emergencies. If you catch them quick enough, then you will find that they are fixed affordably and quickly. If you notice the leak while water is seeping through, contact your roofing company immediately, as you will need an emergency roof repair before the leak destroys the structure of your home and your belongings that are inside your home.

Re-Roofing/ Replacements

When you need a whole new roof, it is considered a re-roof or a roof replacement. This is when a roofing contractor comes in and replaces the entire roof. During this process, they ensure that the structure is sound to prevent new leaks and then they install your choice of roofing material. Tile, stone and shingles are the top materials for residential homes while flat roofs are the norm for commercial spaces. Tile and stone make structures fire safe so if there is a wild fire close by, you will not need to worry about stray embers landing on your roof and taking your home with it. Shingles, while they are not fire wise, they are affordable and efficient.

The typical roof should last between 10 and 20 years if it is taken care of properly. Making sure you have the right material for your home and the area as well as the right gutters and other accessories is also important. The key to getting the longest life out of your home is maintenance. If you notice it might have an issue, contact the roofing company immediately so they can come to your home or office, evaluate the issue and get it fixed, doing this instead of waiting until it is so damaged that it needs to be replaced will save you thousands of dollars in damages. If you think you need your roof inspected, repaired or replaced, contact us today and we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and cost estimate.