RoofRepairRoof repair is one of those very necessary facts of life for the average homeowner. Most first time buyers are not aware of the exact condition of their roof, as this is often considered more than a secondary or even tertiary concern! Business and apartment owners want their roofs looking good to attract customers and tenants! After the plumbing, what could be more important than securing the fort against leaks, mold, and or weather damage? Let’s not mention cosmetic flaws. The value of a house is not only in it’s construction, but the appearance as well. Loose singles, discoloration, and other unsightly weather damage are all common problems that home owners can easily remedy.

Residential and commercial property owners alike can agree that the state of your roof also correlates to energy efficiency. The more energy efficient the home, the more you save on heating, cooling, and other energy costs. It’s good to stay informed as to how to keep track of your roofing condition. What can you be aware of, when seeking to guard against serious roof issues? Check the inside ceilings for signs of external disrepair:

  • Spots or leak trails darker than the surrounding plaster
  • Spots of light that seem to show through your ceiling
  • Ceiling sag

Getting a roof inspection is the first step for healthy roof maintenance. At Shelton Roofing, timely roof inspections provide an estimate for homeowners unsure of the condition of their roofs. This is a simple procedure to assess the overall condition of your roof. It is also an excellent way to guard against unidentified issues with your roof as well as the known. Think about it! If you’re able to identify visible weaknesses in your ceiling, just think about what else might be happening up there! Businesses and apartment buildings are often at risk for roofing neglect as a property manager might find it difficult to check one in the midst of many properties now and again.

Not every solution is the same for each roof. Different roofing materials mean different solutions at different prices. Cedar, asphalt, and tile are some common forms of roofing, but when looking to do something as major as complete roof replacement, think about several different factors. What is the weather like in your locality? Is it extreme? In a climate with hot summers and freezing winters, shrinkage may be in issue. Materials which are relatively resistant to wide ranges of weather such as metal or rubber may be a good option for you. Clay and tile can be used in areas of warmer and even climates.

At Shelton Roofing, we not only provide timely same day estimates in the Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Sunnyvale areas of California, but we’re adept at working with a diverse range of roofing materials and situations. With over seventy years in the industry, you can rest assure that we’ve got you covered. Here at Shelton we’re also making the effort to be aware of current environmental concerns, and we offer eco-friendly goods and services. Recycling our waste and installing environmentally optimal roofing systems is something that we’re proud to do.