re-roofingOn the San Francisco Peninsula, the rainy season can start as early as October and continue into May. Even with some variation, one thing is sure; it will rain. Other than rain coats, umbrellas, and galoshes, you will also want your roof in good repair, both home and commercial. If you notice missing or loose tiles and shingles, you probably have an impending leak developing or you may have developed a leak already. You can get these issues taken care of by a professional roofing company with over 70 years of experience and Diamond Certificate award of the highest quality in roofing.

One would think that a roofing company with such high quality work and standards, and who handle large projects like apartment buildings, office and industrial sites, schools and universities, as well as hospitals, would not be affordable for residual homes; but they are! They give all customers unique personalized services and belong to several contractor associations in California. You can also get a free consultation and estimate from expert roofing contractors with a phone call, so you will know how affordable Shelton Roofing can repair, re-roof or install a new roof on your home or business property in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale and the San Francisco peninsula.

Shelton Roofing Company offers a wide range of roofing services to both residential and commercial customers including roof and gutter repairs. They use a variety of roofing materials including synthetics, wood shingles, tiles, and gravel and tar to name a few. The experienced roofing experts work on a great number of roofing styles and they have enough experts and service vehicles to work on jobs of every size and provide the personalized service that makes each customer happy and content. They take care of any and all special needs and requirements with expertise and craftsmanship. Added to the quality and expertise, you have personalized customer service and continuous support. They strive to reach complete satisfaction from every client. They also use eco-friendly, energy-efficient roofing materials and recycle all the waste created will providing their services. They have been in business since 1942 and still remain up to date on all roofing products and installation techniques. They strive to be green contractors and reduce environmental impact.

You can even make your roof the envy of your neighbors with your choice of premium materials including modified bitumen, shakes, and synthetics and compositions in stock and ready to install. This family owned business and their expert roofing teams put a lot of work into every job, whether it’s a repair, re-roof, renovation or complete roof replacement. Your planning and their execution provides you with an attractive roof that is durable and will stand the test of time. They guarantee it!

If you live in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and anywhere on the San Francisco Peninsula, call Shelton Roofing for your free consultation and estimate to prepare for the 30 + inches of rain that may fall yearly. Get your guarantee that the rain will stay outside your home or business and you will have a durable and attractive roof.