If there’s one thing certain about leaky roofs, it is that they bring a host of other problems that could only get worse if they aren’t fixed straight away. This is exactly what the village officials of Aberdeen, Ohio are struggling with, now that the old school building where they set up their offices has developed multiple leaks which have disrupted their day-to-day operations. According to the Ledger Independent, one of the options that the officials are currently considering is to simply vacate the premises and find another building to stay in, rather than have it repaired and restored.

Troubling HouseWhile this type of roof deterioration can be attributed to natural wear and tear, it can also be the outcome of improper and/or insufficient roofing maintenance. Good maintenance is important to both commercial and residential roofing systems because even the toughest roofing materials like metal and slate wouldn’t reach the full extent of their service lives if they were not properly maintained.

When it comes to roofing maintenance, residents or building managers in Sunnyvale, California should not hesitate to call on a professional Sunnyvale roofing contractor like Shelton Roofing. Aside from excellent roof installation and maintenance services, these expert roofers also offer emergency roof repairs to prevent unexpected damages from worsening.

Roof leaks don’t just result in puddles of water that turn into slipping hazards indoors. The moisture they bring can damage wooden furniture, paper documents, and personal belongings; as well as weaken the structural framework of the roof itself. Additionally, areas that are often affected by moisture can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and mold, which can cause all sorts of diseases particularly in persons with sensitive skin and/or weak immune systems.

It may even come to a point that an emergency roof repair by Sunnyvale roofing contractors would not be enough to fix these problems, similar to the conditions in the old school building in Aberdeen. Professional roofers need to perform a thorough assessment of the roof to determine the extent and nature of the damage. If the roof has deteriorated beyond repair, the roofers will most likely recommend a complete roofing replacement.

As shown by the Aberdeen building case, a badly deteriorated roof can cause damage to other parts of a structure as well. Reliable and regular roofing maintenance can help identify the need for repairs or replacement, long before any roofing damage can affect other parts of a residential or commercial building.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Building shows troubling signs of age, The Ledger Independent, December 25, 2013)