It’s been said that slate is one of the toughest roofing materials around. However, roof repairs recently needed at the Orillia Opera House in Ontario, Canada prove that not even a durable, natural rock can withstand the tests of time forever. The Orillia Packet & Times describes the condition of the Opera House’s tiles, which are believed to have been installed in 1916, as such:

The slate tiles are mechanically fastened using hooks and nails. The fasteners are breaking and some tiles are cracked, while others have fallen off completely.

In truth, this is unsurprising, since slate tiles themselves are expected to serve for more or less a hundred years before finally failing. Here in the United States, a roofing professional must have relevant certifications and qualifications to even be considered for slate roof repairs. Those who need slate roof repair in Sunnyvale, California turn to contractors who are Diamond Certified and Better Business Bureau-Accredited, such as Shelton Roofing.


Having these qualifications is important because repairing slate roofs can take quite a while and it pays to have someone who has all the basic credentials to do the job right. After all, it is not only necessary for the tiles to be replaced individually. The frame and trusses of the roofing system have to be inspected as well so that the roofer will know if they are still structurally stable and sturdy enough to accommodate newer tiles. Moreover, maintenance work on the flashing and gutters inevitably accompany the most ordinary roof repair jobs.

People who have slate roofing systems are still obliged to inspect the tiles every now and then for faults, such as gaps between the slate tiles. Tree branches that touch the tiles should be removed because they can act as a bridge for rodents, which might then turn the expensive slate roof into their private playground. However, homeowners should not risk their lives climbing the roof just to inspect it. A professional Sunnyvale roofing contractor can do this job for them instead.

Hiring a contractor from the get-go also means that he or she can carry out repairs immediately at the first sign of trouble. The results would be worth it: officials of the Orillia Opera House say that their brand-new slate roof system should be free of problems for about 75 to 100 more years. Any Californian household can receive the same benefit.

(Article Excerpt and Image fromRoof repairs needed at opera house, Orillia Packet & Times, October 30, 2013)