damaged-roofDamaged roofs occur for a number of reasons not the least of which is fire. House fires are far more common than you can imagine and if one occurs you will be extremely lucky to escape with your life and the lives of your family, and even luckier still not to lose everything. And the cause of fires are manifold.

One of the most common causes are electrical fires are electrical faults. Often it is the overloading on one wall socket. Overloading may result in excessive heat being generated in the wires which can melt the insulation and set up a short circuit. This can cause a fire without tripping the circuit breaker. A similar even may occur from pests such as rats chewing the wiring in the roof or crawl spaces.

Other common causes of fire in a home are gas leaks and failures of the isolation equipment on the range for example. Or it might be as simple as someone smoking and letting a hot end fall and smoulder onto the furniture or carpets. Normally these will cause local damage but every now and then something may cause such embers to actually ignite and burst into flames.

Whatever the cause of a fire it is likely to cause damage above it before it is extinguished and this will mean that the integrity of your roof will have been compromised.

Now it is important to have that repaired as soon as possible. Shelton Roofing is a California based company that has been in existence serving the citizens of Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas for over seventy years.

Depending on the severity of the problem caused by fire, or storm damage, or just general aging they are able to attend to your needs promptly and efficiently. Call them and they will send a =n experienced agent out to assess your problem and discuss your needs, and provide a free quotation for the repair. If you are covered by house and mortgage insurance then they will liaise with the insurance company in order to obtain a speedy approval and an order for the work to go ahead without delay so that at least you house can get back to being the place you call home.

Now a roofing contractor may well try and load the quote a bit making the work seem more extensive than it really need be. This is not the case with Shelton Roofing. They will be candid with you and the Insurance companies, who are happy to take their word that if a house, or the wing of a house needs re roofing they will say so whereas if it just an emergency roof repair they will only quote for that and that is what they will do.

A roofer is a specialized contractor and all the staff employed by us are professionals with many years experience. We are therefore able to offer superb warranties of the work we do. If your home is in need of a roof repair then call us for a free quote today.