While hot temperatures gripped much of California this summer, one particular winery in Napa County didn’t have to worry about it. Associated Press writer Michelle Locke paid the Odette Estate a visit and was quick to highlight its state-of-the-art green roofing, which combined solar panels with 8,500 square feet of plants and grass to promote excellent indoor insulation. As Ms. Locke reported on the Observer-Reporter, this system is but an example of a roofing trend that has been growing in the state and the rest of the world:

Green Roof

Green roofs make sense for wineries, but they’re also catching on for other commercial uses, says Stephen Peck, founder and president of the trade association Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, based in Toronto.

The group estimates that in 2013 there were more than 20 million square feet of green roofs installed in North America.

Green roofs have to be designed to suit their climate, but they can go just about anywhere, from the Yukon to the tropics, says Peck.

Of course, green roofs aren’t just useful for wineries and vineyards; they’re also an excellent choice for residential and commercial properties in dire need of reliable indoor temperature control and smaller utility bills. Thankfully, companies providing various services for roofing in Menlo Park, CA and other cities offer green roofing solutions. Residents and commercial building managers only need to consider which one would suit them best.

Aside from a vegetative/solar roof combo like that in the Odette Estate, locals can opt for a simple metal roofing system that also offers plenty of environment-friendly benefits. Metal roofs may have been around for quite some time, but their newfound reputation as a green roof comes from the fact that they’re recyclable, and can reflect sunlight when properly treated. In addition, metal makes for an efficient rain-catching system since it is sleek and doesn’t have any pores that could trap snow and rainwater.

Along this line, adding reliable rubber rain guards to an existing roofing system is also a good way to make it greener. While they don’t necessarily lead to better indoor insulation and lower power bills, rain guards prevent rainwater runoffs from dirtying water drains and contaminating the ground with filth and harmful chemicals.

A reputable company that offers green roofing in Sunnyvale, CA and Menlo Park, CA, such as Shelton Roofing, can recommend other solutions that will not only provide protection from the elements, but also help in the preservation of the environment.

(Source: Green roof winery, Observer-Reporter, August 22, 2014)