On September 17, 2014, Wildomar and its surrounding areas were hit hard by a thunderstorm, which was arguably one of the strongest the city had ever experienced.


According to The Press Enterprise, much of Wildomar suffered extensive flooding and water damage, with Elsinore High School being the worst hit. Fortunately, the weather got better, and after a massive clean-up, classes resumed the following day, although roof repairs and other restoration work still needed to be carried out.

Events like these highlight the importance of emergency roof repairs. Had the school’s roofing been given a quick patch-up to prepare for the storm, the damage might have been reduced. Fortunately, residents of Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and surrounding areas can count on a Palo Alto roofer like Shelton Roofing, which provides emergency services. Part of these services is a thorough roofing inspection, which by itself is not easy to perform even without accounting for bad weather.

In most cases, roof leaks are caused by an accumulation of debris in the drains or scuppers of a roofing system. However, they can also be caused by a shoddy construction or a pre-existing damage or weakness. Regardless of the cause, roof leaks must be repaired before the onset of bad weather.

If left unchecked, they can cause the roof’s structural integrity to fail, especially if the roofing system’s support structure is made from wood. Wood is susceptible to rotting and loses its strength easily when exposed to water. Additionally, roof leaks can create a fire hazard if rainwaters seep into a live wire or an active electrical circuit.

There is also the danger posed by mold, which is fungi that thrive in almost anything with sufficient amount of moisture. Mold doesn’t just damage furniture, wall insulation, and other household items; they can also cause sickness in people with allergies.

Experienced roofers in Menlo Park and elsewhere can certainly lend a hand by fixing roof leaks at the soonest possible time, but homeowners must also do their share to prevent them. Regular roof inspections and cleaning can go a long way, as they help in detecting small problems and getting them fixed before they escalate into bigger ones.

(Source: WILDOMAR: Cleanup, repairs in storm’s wake, The Press Enterprise, September 17, 2014)