As of mid-February, 2014, the entire state of California was headed for its driest year in recorded history. However, a report from CBS Sacramento predicted rainfall over the next few weeks, which is good news for all those who have been negatively affected by the drought:

“Meteorologists forecast a pair of storms could dump several inches of rain on parched cities and croplands throughout California in the coming week, bringing welcome news to a state that has just endured its driest year in recorded history.

While the rain won’t be enough to end the drought, the National Weather Service projected Sunday that the much-needed precipitation could nearly double the amount of rainfall in parts of Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area this year.

The first storm on Wednesday won’t offer much relief, just light overnight rains heading into Thursday. By Friday, radar images show the second storm should drench the entire state for 24 hours.”

While the rains may bring relief to crop fields grown in the state, heavy rains can also spell trouble for homeowners. Water damage is always a threat during a heavy downpour, especially after roofs have been exposed to UV rays for months on end. That said, homeowners should check their roofing in Menlo Park, CA and other areas for the following signs of water damage:

much-needed and snow coming to northern california wednesday

Musty Smell in the Attic

Check your attic for a musty or moldy smell. This smell is often a telltale sign of a crack or hole in your roof allowing water to enter your home. You may also want to check the area for any developing mold as these can pose a health risk to you and your family.

Air Bubbles under Paint

Leaks do not necessarily drip straight down; water can travel the length of your walls before hitting the floor. Painted walls and ceilings with air bubbles often indicate water has invaded your home.

Granules in the Gutter

UV rays can cause shingles to shed their granules which are then washed away by the rain. These granules tend to accumulate in your gutters. Although this type of damage was not caused directly by water, it is still a wise move to have the shingles replaced.

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, so it is important that it stays in good condition. If you notice any of these signs of damage on your roofing in Palo Alto, CA or Menlo Park, CA, do not delay calling a reputable roofing company like Shelton Roofing to come and make the necessary repairs.

(Source: Much-Needed Rain And Snow Coming To Northern California Wednesday; CBS Sacramento; February 23, 2014)