One of the things most householders take for granted is the safety and security afforded them by the walls, windows and doors. Little thought is given to the roof as it is generally out of sight above one. Except for a coat of paint every 20 years or so the roof itself gets very little attention. It is a fundamental law that if anything can possibly go wrong, it will! (This has a corollary; if nothing can possibly go wrong, something is going to.) One of the scenes in the movie “Forest Gump” demonstrated a well known expression; S@!t happens. So when the roof does suddenly start leaking one is in for problems and may need expensive emergency roof repair.

roof maintenanceMany of these problems can be avoided with a little foresight and so here are some hints about simple roof maintenance which should avoid any unforeseen but avoidable problems.

Most Roofs are pitched, that is they have a slope. This is obviously to ensure that water and snow and leaves etc do not stay and add weight. In areas where large snow fall is experienced the roofs tend to have a very steep pitch which has 2 purposes; firstly to encourage the snow to fall off and secondly to increase the load bearing capability of the roof. Slate roofs also tend to be more steeply pitched as the water has to run off quickly as overlaps are not as water tight.

If you roof is flat then a breakdown is more likely to occur as flashing wears down over the years from exposure to weather. Furthermore most flat roofs are not that flat and puddles and dirt, leaves etc are likely to accumulate

It is also essential that the drain pipes from all roofs be kept clear. This is doubly important in the case of a flat roof. But irrespective the gutters and drain pipes should be cleared of leaves and debris at least annually. You must realize that the gutters are usually right up near the eaves and if they overflow water could easily be get into the loft between the rood and the ceiling, causing leaks as well as generating wood rot in your roof timbers

Whatever type of roof it is that you have should remain on the lookout for leakages and broken or cracked tiles or slates. In High winds and severe storms it is possible for a tile to be blown off and these should be replaced by a roofing company or a roofer as soon as possible before you need an emergency roof repair which will be expensive and inconvenient.

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