Homeowners are seldom aware of any roofing problems until they have to run and take a bucket under a ceiling that leaks. If you’re like a lot of these busy homeowners, this is about the only time you would think of calling a contractor to fix your roofing in Menlo Park, CA. Remember, however, that your roof is as important as the rest of your home, and you shouldn’t just hire the first company that you see on the yellow pages.

Before you make any major outlays on a contractor, check out the website of the consumers’ watchdog, the Better Business Bureau, or There are plenty of tips on almost everything you want to know about roofing and hiring a roofing contractor. Whether your roof needs some patch-up repairs or major ones in the wake of a natural disaster, you’ll need to do a bit of looking up to find a roofing contractor you could trust.

Ask your insurance company about your policy coverage on home improvements and renovations.
The BBB article also suggests you gather about three or four estimates from different contractors. Also, check out references “which are at least one year-old, and verify if the contractor is required to be licensed and/or registered to do work in your area.”

Trust your gut; advised the article; once an offer seems to be too good to be true, be suspicious. Get everything in writing. “Require a written contract agreement with anyone you hire. Be sure their name, address, license number, and phone number are included in the contract. Read and understand the contract in its entirety.

Do not sign a blank contract, and make sure you get a copy of the signed contract at the time of signature.” No matter how trustworthy your contractor’s company is, make sure both parties sign two documents. First, is a signed estimate of the cost of work, and second, is a signed contract which also outlines the deposits you will need to pay, your payment schedule, and agreed-upon deadlines.

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