Roof maintenance is one aspect of home maintenance that is often overlooked by homeowners, until problems start to show. Regular care of one’s roofing is vital because a roof that is well-kept is needed to provide residents with ample protection from the elements. Neglect can have serious repercussions to one’s home in the long run.

Roff Over Your Head

In an article posted in Las Vegas Review-Journal, writer Chelle Cordero reminds everyone that roofs are susceptible to incurring damage from an assortment of factors–from sun, water, and wind, to falling debris. Prolonged exposure to these elements can wear down roofs, which, when not immediately attended to, may lead to significant damage.

Fortunately for residents of Palo Alto, CA, the place does not typically get the kind of extreme weather changes that many other parts of the country do. However, the roofs of Palo Alto homes are highly susceptible to weathering from the sun, as well as to the wear and tear of daily use.

Cordero’s article lists the signs that could indicate a roof is in need of repairing, including cracked shingle tabs, curled shingle edges, and moss and algae growth on the roof’s surface. These signs become particularly alarming if the roof is aged. When these tell-tale signs start to show, homeowners should call on Palo Alto, CA roofing contractors right away.

Depending on the roof’s age, the existing material and the reason for the repair, a partial re-roofing could be an option. While this may save money in immediate materials, there are other considerations. There are limits to the layers on the roof, and this might not expose problems with the sheathing or underlayment, and new and old color lots may not match.

Consider both your short- and long-term savings and needs. Think about regional influences and budget when deciding on materials.

The most common and generally the least expensive pitched roof cover is the asphalt shingle, also called composition shingles. Asphalt shingles are made with fiberglass, asphalt and tiny embedded stones that help protect the roof from the sun’s damaging rays.

Professional Palo Alto roof replacement services from companies like Shelton Roofing may be needed for roofing that has seen extensive use. Reliable contractors offer high quality roof materials such as synthetics, various types of shingles and other top of the line roofing products to match anyone’s needs and preferences.

A replacement may not always be needed to address roofing problems. However, while roofs can last a long time, there will come a point when they have to be replaced, particularly when they’re reaching the end of their expected lifespan. Roofing professionals can conduct a thorough inspection and recommend if the time has indeed come for a replacement.

(Source: Keep that roof over your head — literally, Las Vegas Review Journal, August 30, 2014)