Although roof membranes have different properties and failure modes, there are common defects among all roofing surfaces that may signal that your roof is beyond band-aid repairs. list a few of these typical shortcomings or weaknesses that sooner or later, according to frequency and quality of care and maintenance, should alert any homeowner that roofing replacement may rather be the better option over repairs.


All kinds of roof membranes become brittle once they approach the end of their life, and when they turn brittle, they cannot provide the proper weatherproofing because they have lost their elasticity. According to the article, the material can be tested through tensile/elongation tests to find out their remaining service life. Membrane failure, on the other hand, should be apparent through grazes, cracks, or splits, on the surface.

Wet Insulation

Roofing insulation lose their structural and thermal cohesion when they are constantly exposed to moisture. It is recommended that if the roofing insulation gets soaked through 25% or more , then a roof replacement by Palo Alto roof contractors might be necessary. A moisture test can be conducted to determine if the roof’s insulation is wet or damp enough to warrant removing the insulation altogether and replacing it to prevent further costly damages to surrounding areas.


Almost two-thirds of roof leaks originate in the flashings. When damaged, they can be the most vulnerable part of the roofing system. “Openings, splits, and sagging of flashing materials are common causes of roof leaks. Excessive openings or displacement of these materials can lead to free flow of moisture infiltration into the system and the building,” according to the article.”

For such vulnerable coverings heavily damaged by moisture and penetrations, it might seem that repairs would be the cheaper alternative, but in fact, might turn out more costly in the long run with repeated call-backs for repairs. The situation will only get worse in time so it’s best to go for roof replacement and prevent any more major damage on the inner structures. With assurance of stability, you also get to enjoy peace of mind.

Your roof is an investment and is an important asset to your real estate. It is important to be aware of the failures in your roof so that you are able to take recourse and prevent more serious damages. Call any of the different roofing contractors in Palo Alto, CA like Shelton Roofing Co., Inc. as soon as problems occur.

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