How To Deal With Storm Damage To Roof

A storm can expose a roof to winds and heavy rain. Such weather conditions could aid development of damage on a rooftop. Typical types of damage caused by storms • Tree falls on rooftop, creating hole • Torn, dented or missing shingles • Dents in gutter • Leaks cause...

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Advice On Protecting Roof From Effects of Rain

After a heavy rain, a smart homeowner checks for problems in the roofing, and has any problem fixed as soon as possible. Problems that might be found • Torn, dented or warped shingles • Leaks • Clogged gutters • Sagging gutters • Loose gutters • Cracked flashing; the...

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How To Handle Leaky Roof

The discovery of water dropping from the ceiling onto the floor could trigger a conventional response: Place a bucket on floor, to catch the falling drops. However, that would represent a band aid approach to the problem. First, discover the source The source of the...

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