Detecting Roof Damage In The Aftermath of A Storm

Following the impact of heavy winds, your roof may have sustained certain damages which can worsen over time if they go undetected. It should be noted that heavy hail and heavy rainfalls are not required to inflict such damages – the wind alone is more than enough to...

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Errors Commonly Made During Shingle Repairs

There are many mistakes to be made when you choose to take roofing repairs into your own inexperienced hands. These mistakes can have devastating and unexpected consequences, especially of financial nature. Finding the Leak Once you know of the existence of a leak,...

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How To Prevent Winter Leaks In Your Skylights?

When it comes to skylights, the correct installation can make the difference between a blessing or a curse. A correctly installed skylight can provide natural lighting that lowers utility bills, makes the interior look grander and more inviting, and brings added...

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