What Factors Can Shorten A Roof’s Lifespan?

The information offered to consumers, both online and in retail stores, regarding the expected lifespan for a given roof, reflects the reliability of an ideal structure. Unfortunately, not every homeowner enjoys the protection offered by an ideal rooftop. Indeed, all homeowners should be able to identify the various factors that can work to shorten a […] Read more »

Link Between A Home’s Roof And Its Curb Appeal

Despite the unmistakable distance between a home’s roof and the curb that decorates the front yard, a home’s roofing contributes decidedly to the curb appeal of that same residence. Studies have shown that the typical home buyer judges a house on the market by its look from a curbside location. Roofers In San Mateo know […] Read more »

Understanding The True Importance of Attic Ventilation

Without proper ventilation, your attic will slowly begin to gather moisture until you are dealing with an infestation of mold and mildew that will be costly to get rid of. And if left unnoticed, can lead to respiratory problems for everyone living in the building, as well as high fees associated with the repair costs. […] Read more »

Taking Safety Measures To Prevent Injury And Roof Damage

Statistics have shown that certain jobs in the roofing industry come in at sixth place of the country’s most dangerous professions. Thirty in 100,000 worker deaths annually are caused by roofing accidents, which is almost double the death toll among constructions workers. Because of this, people have begun more conscious of increasing safety measures for […] Read more »

Understanding Warranties And How You Can Protect Your Roofing Investment

Following the purchase of a new roof, you will generally be guaranteed a warranty on this new investment. And while this does sound great and oftentimes makes people feel at ease and secure, they, more often than not, do not actually give you something reliable to fall back on. Did you read it completely? Did […] Read more »

What Can Cause A Roof To Leak?

Two underlying issues work to increase the likelihood that any one roof could start leaking. The first of those concerns the materials used in the roofing system. All such materials have a limited lifespan. However, some materials last longer than others. The second issue touches on an influence over which the homeowner has little control. […] Read more »