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How Can Small Roof Leaks Wreak Havoc

We've all seen those shows and movies where a group of people hides out in a run-down apartment and puts buckets all around the room to catch the water dripping through the leaky roof. Now take that picture and file away under “avoid in real life at all costs”. You...

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Roofing Options for the South Bay Area

There are a multitude of roofing options available to home and business owners in southern San Francisco Bay area. Whether your need is roofing for new housing, re-roofing for older homes, or repair of leaks and lost shingles, every type of roofing material imaginable...

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Shelton Roofing is Always Ready

We're Ready for Roofing Shelton Roofing is ready 24/7 for any roofing issues. We are proud to serve our community. We provide the following services: *Emergency Roof Repair *Re Roofing *Roof Replacement *Roof Repair We are right in Sunnyvale, California and Menlo Park...

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