Signs that a Shingled Roof Should Be Replaced or Repaired

Once a homeowner notes any indication that the home’s roof has been damaged, that same homeowner must assess the situation. After having made that assessment, the homeowner’s next task my well involve making a decisions. Signs of roofing problems often push a homeowner to ask this question: Should I pay for repairs or arrange for […] Read more »

Roofing Options for the South Bay Area

There are a multitude of roofing options available to home and business owners in southern San Francisco Bay area. Whether your need is roofing for new housing, re-roofing for older homes, or repair of leaks and lost shingles, every type of roofing material imaginable can be had. Residents of Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, San […] Read more »

Shelton Roofing is Always Ready

We’re Ready for Roofing Shelton Roofing is ready 24/7 for any roofing issues. We are proud to serve our community. We provide the following services: *Emergency Roof Repair *Re Roofing *Roof Replacement *Roof Repair We are right in Sunnyvale, California and Menlo Park areas. We are always ready to serve our community and you will […] Read more »

In Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall Be Prepared With Shelton Roofing

On the San Francisco Peninsula, the rainy season can start as early as October and continue into May. Even with some variation, one thing is sure; it will rain. Other than rain coats, umbrellas, and galoshes, you will also want your roof in good repair, both home and commercial. If you notice missing or loose […] Read more »

Shelton Roofers Makes Every Day a Sunny Day

Your home, as as well as your business building is your investment and to protect it you need a quality roof as well as quality roof repair and maintenance when needed. Shelton Roofs are your primary choice for any roofing need you may require. Shelton Roofs hire experienced and qualified roofers who have the capability […] Read more »