Facts About Commercial Roofing Vs. Residential Roofing

Although it may seem like one roof is the same as the next, nothing could be further from the truth, especially when comparing commercial and residential roofing systems. If either sustain significant damage, repair or replacement costs can be pretty steep. Plus, damage resulting from a natural disaster could result in the loss of property […] Read more »

What Factors Can Shorten A Roof’s Lifespan?

The information offered to consumers, both online and in retail stores, regarding the expected lifespan for a given roof, reflects the reliability of an ideal structure. Unfortunately, not every homeowner enjoys the protection offered by an ideal rooftop. Indeed, all homeowners should be able to identify the various factors that can work to shorten a […] Read more »

Link Between A Home’s Roof And Its Curb Appeal

Despite the unmistakable distance between a home’s roof and the curb that decorates the front yard, a home’s roofing contributes decidedly to the curb appeal of that same residence. Studies have shown that the typical home buyer judges a house on the market by its look from a curbside location. Roofers In San Mateo know […] Read more »

Understanding The True Importance of Attic Ventilation

Without proper ventilation, your attic will slowly begin to gather moisture until you are dealing with an infestation of mold and mildew that will be costly to get rid of. And if left unnoticed, can lead to respiratory problems for everyone living in the building, as well as high fees associated with the repair costs. […] Read more »

Importance of Professional Routine Roofing Inspections

The importance of regular professional roof inspections seems to be lost on many people. However, the truth is that small damages like a crack or lifted tile can quickly lead to water damages that don’t just affect the roof itself, but also soak into the decking and even drywall if left undetected. As a result, […] Read more »